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Gary Hamel

"What if modern management hasn´t reached the apogee of effectiveness and, given the challenges that lie ahead, isn´t even climbing the right hill?"

According to the Wall Street Journal, Gary Hamel is the world´s most influential business thinker. An authority on innovative management, he has proven to be an instrumental force of change in how businesses are run and organizations function. A visiting Professor of Strategic and International Management at London Business School since 1983, Hamel is in the process of developing the world´s first Management Lab, an agency that connects the leading scholars with the most progressive companies in order to accelerate the adoption of innovative management knowledge and practices.

He has worked as the consultant and management educator for companies as diverse as General Electric, Nokia, Nestle, Shell, IBM and Microsoft. Hamel is author of the progressive books Leading the Revolution, Competing for the Future, and most recently The Future of Management.

The future of management: exceptional times demand exceptional companies

• Facing reality: the hidden costs of management–as–usual
• Next management revolution: new expectations, new possibilities and four imperatives
• Why best practices are no longer the starting point of management reinvention: some worn–out management assumptions
• Fit for tomorrow and beyond: how to build adaptable, inventive, inspiring organizations
• How to make management innovation a core competence
• Learning from the future: what radical, unorthodox ideas can do for management reinvention

What is management innovation?

Management innovation can be defined as a marked departure from traditional management principles, processes and practices, or from customary organizational forms, which significantly alters the way in which the work of management is performed and furthers organizational goals. Put simply, management innovation changes the way managers do what they do.

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