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Angela Ahrendts

"Dreams are your most exciting thoughts, your future life in 3D, and by envisioning in your mind you are creating your life roadmap"

Born and raised in Indiana, Angela Ahrendts aspired at a young age to be involved in the fashion world. Combining this vocation with a natural talent for leadership, in 2006 she became Chief Executive Officer of Burberry and has since overseen a strategy that has built on Burberry's unique British legacy. Her strategy has sought to put innovation at the heart of the brands future, creating a strong foundation from which to drive continued global expansion. Under Angela's leadership, Burberry has seen annual revenues increase by more than 60%, and is now widely regarded as one of the leading British brands in the world.

In 2008, with Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey, Angela established the Burberry Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to helping young people realize their dreams and potential by the power of their creativity. In 2010 alone she was listed in Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women in the World, Fortune's Businesspeople of the Year and Financial Times Top 20 Women in World Business.

Leading Creativity Driven Businesses: A Case Study

• Developing a balanced, connected team
• The importance of cultural context to Burberry's creativity
• Implications of the digital imperative
• A continuous balancing of art and commerce

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