This week's top top picks


John Wood, Founder, Room to Read

He gives children around the world education and books, but where did he first get educated in the workforce?



Albe Zakes, Global Vice President Media Relations, Terracycle

He works for a company that is the globe’s leading upcycler of products – what did he learn going from the kitchen to the trash can?



Bahar Gidwani, CEO, CSR Hub

He rates companies from every industry on sustainability – where did he start to sustain his edge?



Dr. Michael Mann, Climatologist and Professor at Penn State

He gave the world the hockey stick diagram to prove that temperatures are increasing around the world, but what goal did he have for his first job?

"Practice more and get some better tricks"

Andy Cohen, Founder Global Leadership and Innovation Advisory

"Operating the scoreboard for my aunt's lesbian hockey league"

Zane Groshelle, Evangelist @ Prezi

"Training dolphins paid all the frozen mackerel I could eat"

Marcy MacDonald, Writer

"Always follow the path that excites you the most"

Peter Guttman, Travel Journalist

"My first job made me feel important"

Steven Rand, Partner, Venture Development Center

"You’ll never regret hiring me."

John Wood, Founder Room to Read

"It taught me about hard work."

Dr. Michael Mann, Penn State Professor

"I was willing to do whatever they asked me."

Albe Zakes, Global VP, Terracycle